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email15 Email:

telephone37 Phone: 00387-36551864

smartphone11 Mobile: 00387-61351949

pins76 Address: Lacina 14 88000 Mostar Bosnia and Hercegovina


Instructions to find us

The hotel is located in the city of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina close to the main East Mostar buss-stop and the city square “Musala”. From Villa Sann From the hotel everything in Mostar is close and accessible. The old-bridge and the old-town are only a 5 minute walk away from Villa Sann. There are plenty of restaurants and activities nearby Villa Sann.

Instructions to find the hotel outside of Mostar

Mostar is connected to the region by the “magistrala” M-17 road. The road runs through Mostar from North (i.e. Sarajevo) to south (i.e. Dubrovnik). The railroads connect similarly the same places in between.

From The North (Sarajevo, Kojnic, Jablanica, Dreznica, Vrapcici .. Mostar-North)

Approach Mostar from the north and align at the crossing to the road “Marshal Tito” look for the Train/Buss station. pass the station and take the next right take another right to a smaller street “lacina”. Just continue straight until you reach Villa Sann.

From The South M-17 (Dubrovnik (or Split), Metkovic, Capljina .. Mostar-airport, Mostar-South )

Enter Mostar and align to the road “Marshal Tito”. Continue straight and take the second left on the road of Marshal Tito. Now take a right to lacina. Continue straight untill you reach Villa Sann.

Instructions to find the hotel from inside the city of Mostar

Depending on where you are there are different ways to reach the hotel. We recommend you to find either A) “Musala” (Ask for Titos Villa) or B) The Main East Mostar bus/train station. Villa Sann is very close of both places.

Map and GPS location

Our GPS coordinates are: 43.3465, 17.81106