Tv devices with sat connectivity in Villa Sann Mostar.


All apartments have TV’s with satellite connection.


wifi34 All hotel guests get free Internet access from the time they arrive until their departure.

electric10 The apartments have Air condition installed. This is nice since Mostar tends to be hot during the summers.

plate13 We offer our guests meals at the hotel restaurant.

toilet8 All apartments have toilets.

bathtub All bathrooms have bathtubs/showers installed.

person1 We offer our guests beds, double or single.

refrigerator3 The apartments have refrigerators installed with small freezers.

balconyThe hotel has 8 balconies. All apartments have two balconies facing opposite sides of Mostar. Some of them show the river Neretva beneath.

parking  A large parking area is available, it is private. The hotel charges 5€/day for vehicles parked.

pets3Pets are only allowed if permission is granted in advance. Please check with us before bringing pets. We understand that pets are important to a lot of people, but some people are unfortunately less affectionate towards animals, or might be allergic.


covered16 You are important for us, Do not hesitate to ask us if service is required!


coffee10 Thank you for reading, ask us for a cup of coffee when you arrive.

coins25 We accept cash at the hotel.

credit31 We accept credit cards at our hotel.